What You Need to Know About Estate Planning, Part 1

What goes into creating an estate plan? What elements need to be considered to avoid probate? (And, if you already have an estate plan in place: Are you missing an important component many estate planners often skip over?) 

Let’s find out in part one of our two-part episode on estate planning, as Shaina Case, John Fritz, and Matt Kaufman share: 

  • The most common estate planning component people often skip over (:40)
  • An overview and definition of probate—and the most effective ways to avoid it (2:25)
  • A helpful way to think of trusts and make them feel less intimidating (4:35)
  • Ways to avoid probate in relation to real estate and pave a smooth road for your beneficiaries (8:00)
  • Which element of the estate planning process is often the most challenging, and the resources we have to help (11:00)
  • Why we typically bill a flat fee for our estate-planning services (12:20)

You can learn more about our firm’s approach to estate planning and wealth preservation here.

What’s next? 

In part two, we’ll continue the conversation with Shaina and John—highlighting specific reasons to avoid holographic wills, and sharing how our team approach to estate planning benefits our clients.

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