Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation

Proper estate planning and wealth preservation ensures a deceased person’s property will be transferred in a way consistent with his or her wishes. Attorneys at Hathaway & Kunz work closely with clients to create the most effective and straightforward estate and wealth preservation plan in order to secure the financial future of beneficiaries such as spouses, friends, family, or charitable organizations.

Estate planning and wealth preservation may cover these issues, among others:

  • Gift planning
  • Probate administration
  • Probate/trust litigation
  • Wills and trusts

If you have any questions about the particular problem you are facing, contact our office or one of our attorneys today and we will help you navigate this complicated legal area.

Estate: A deceased person’s real and personal property.

Probate: The process of transferring a person’s property after his or her death, generally consisting of the settlement of debts and the transfer of assets to beneficiaries. Probates may be done with or without a valid will.

Attorneys at Hathaway & Kunz who practice in this area:

Sub Practice Areas

  • Probate