Without an estate plan, there’s no directive in place to distribute your assets and property after you’re gone. You lose the ability to choose your intended beneficiaries (whether that’s family members, a special charity, or otherwise) and, however unintentionally, you leave your family with an incredible amount of stress as they try to figure out “what happens next.”

Our experienced, detail-oriented estate planning attorneys can help you change all of that—and change it now.

In the space of just a few hours, we’ll create a plan that:

  • Passes on your wealth to the exact beneficiaries you choose
  • Prevents your heirs from paying a huge bill of estate or inheritance tax
  • Saves your family members the turmoil and trouble of “sorting it all out themselves”
  • Doubles the assets you can give away after your passing without the hassle and cost of estate taxes
  • Shields any life insurance proceeds from estate taxes
  • Secures and protects your family’s inheritance from future creditors, divorce, and estate taxes

After creating a plan with the guidance of our skilled estate planning attorneys, you’ll have a way to effectively, efficiently distribute your hard-earned assets to the beneficiaries you choose—
as well as protect and manage your property if you become significantly ill, mentally incapacitated, or otherwise incapable of managing it yourself.

Secure the future of your assets now; contact any of the attorneys below to create your plan today!