Hathaway & Kunz, LLP, was founded in 1975 by Stanley K. Hathaway and Brent R. Kunz—the former, a two-term Wyoming Governor and U.S. Secretary of Interior, and the latter, a Counsel for U.S. Senator Clifford P. Hansen and Special Assistant to Secretary Hathaway in Washington, D.C.

The Legacy of Stanley K. Hathaway and Brent R. Kunz >

Over the past four decades, we’ve grown to become a prominent, well-respected law firm that serves the entire State of Wyoming—practicing in all state and federal courts, and before all state and government agencies. 

No matter our size or reach, we’ll always stay tied to what it means to represent Wyoming, and what it means to represent the esteemed legacy of Stanley K. Hathaway and Brent R. Kunz.

Our modern and progressive approach to practicing law 

As Wyoming’s only full-service intellectual property firm, we’re proud to be leading the way in some of our industry’s fastest-growing practice areas. 

In addition to our specialized areas of practice—including Estate Law, Patent Prosecution, Patent Litigation, and Emerging Technology—we also have an impressive breadth of experience with Securities, and a deep bench of knowledge related to Litigation and Oil & Gas. 

Throughout the years, we’ve adapted, expanded, and evolved to not only match the growing needs of our diverse client base, but also to ensure we’re best equipped to create the best outcome for our clients.