Environment and natural resources law addresses issues surrounding the statutes, regulations, and rights that control and protect human influence on the natural world. Attorneys at Hathaway & Kunz have a long history of working with clients large and small to develop and preserve the precious natural resources of Wyoming. If you have any questions about the particular problem you are facing, contact our office or one of our attorneys today and we will help you navigate this complicated legal area.

Our attorneys can help you with the following—and much more:

  • Air quality
  • Environmental compliance
  • Legislative/regulatory permitting
  • Mining law
  • Oil & gas law
  • Public lands
  • Water rights
  • Wind energy
  • Public utility law
  • Water quality
  • Eminent domain & condemnation

Eminent Domain & Condemnation:

The rights of the government to expropriate private property for public use with appropriate compensation.