AI and the Legal Landscape

Last time we met, we mentioned we’d be welcoming more of our team to the table for our audio blogs.

Today, we’re thrilled to deliver on that promise, with Matt Kaufman and Tyler Garrett stepping into the studio for an engaging dialogue on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the practice of law.

Is it ethical to use AI in the legal arena? And, if so, when? What challenges does AI pose, and what pain points does it have the potential to move out of the way?

All that and more on our 4th episode of the Hathaway & Kunz audio blog!

Listen in as Matt and Tyler discuss:

  • Ways AI is already improving efficiency (1:10)
  • Examples of AI pitfalls Tyler and Matt have witnessed recently (1:38)
  • Whether we, as a firm, have an obligation to use AI if and when it’s ethical to do so (3:00)
  • What our firm’s famously technology-hesitant founder might think about the way we practice law today (4:57) 
  • How language models in ChatGPT could potentially benefit the writing-focused side of our work (6:20)
  • Ways a firm could benefit from utilizing AI for internal firm management tasks (6:43) 
  • The dangers of “lazy” ChatGPT language models, and whether the technology can ever match the skill level of an experienced professional (7:40)

What’s next?

With the topic of AI on everyone’s mind, we’ll be back to continue the conversation soon with more members of the Hathaway & Kunz team. 

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