2023 Wyoming Legislative Session: Hathaway & Kunz Audio Blog #3

Throughout the 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session, we’ve checked in to share what to expect this year and how to get involved, as well as our insight and observations at the Session’s midway point.

Today, with the 2023 Session officially adjourned, we’re sitting down to share our thoughts on how it went. 

Concluding our series on the 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session, Matt Kaufman and Marianne Shanor discuss:

  • How many bills came through vs. how many were passed (:30 – :55)
  • What happens when Governor Mark Gordon receives a bill that’s been passed (:57 – 1:35)
  • The unique process of a bill becoming law without the governor’s signature (1:35 – 2:56)
  • SF0127, the Wyoming Stable Token Act (3:00 – 3:38)
  • The power of leadership and its impact on bills (3:40 – 5:30) 
  • Which specific topics kept our attention this Session, including liquor licenses (6:00) and digital asset protection (7:09)
  • What it’s like during the post-Session interim process, and what happens when committees meet (9:29)

These discussions are only the beginning! 

We look forward to welcoming more of our team to the table for future audio blogs, and we hope you’ll be here to join us when we do. 

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