Pros and Cons of Wyoming’s Chancery Court

The Hathaway & Kunz podcast is back, and we’re looking forward to another great round of conversations related to the legal landscape at large. 

Today, Matt Kaufman welcomes Tyler Garrett and Sean Larson to share their insight on Wyoming’s Chancery Court.

As Tyler mentions in the episode, the Chancery Court is an innovative step forward for Wyoming. 

Find out why, plus hear:

  • What makes the Chancery Court valuable for businesses
  • Why having a Chancery Court puts Wyoming ahead of other states 
  • Important points to discuss with your client before beginning your Chancery Court trial 
  • Ways we’re thinking ahead for our business clients
  • When we wouldn’t recommend Chancery Court for a client

To learn more about Wyoming’s Chancery Court and the situations that can be heard there, click here

What’s next? 

For future episodes, we’ll be inviting more members of the Hathaway & Kunz team to share their unique insights related to Wyoming’s legal landscape and the modern practice of law—and we look forward to sharing them with you.

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