How to Make Your Appellate Writing More Persuasive

As you’ll hear during this session: Tyler Garrett loves appeals. (In fact, he literally wrote the book on appellate procedure in the Wyoming Supreme Court.)

Getting a step ahead of opposing counsel starts with persuasive appellate writing, and today, Tyler joins Matt Kaufman to share his insight on what it takes to make your writing stand out.

Listen in to learn:

  • The importance of having the appropriate standards of review interwoven into your issues (1:15)
  • How to identify the issues you want to present in front of the court (2:00)
  • Should you strategize the presentation of your appeal based on whether you’re presenting it in a state vs. federal court? (4:25)
  • The process of evaluating an appeal for potential issues and the value it adds to the process overall (6:20)

You can learn more about our firm’s approach to appeals and appellate here.

What’s next? 

In past episodes, we’ve covered a vast range of topics, ranging from the Wyoming general legislative session to, most recently, AI.

For future episodes, we’ll be inviting more members of the Hathaway & Kunz team to share their unique insights related to Wyoming’s legal landscape and the modern practice of law—and we look forward to sharing them with you. 

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