What is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)?

At Hathaway & Kunz, our Wyoming law firm helps clients with many areas of business legalities including formation, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and even dispute resolution. One of our most important assets as attorneys is the Uniform Commercial Code UCC). The UCC is a collection of legal rules regarding important business, or “commercial,” activities. Created by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) and the American Law Institute (ALI), the primary purpose of the UCC is to make business activities consistent and therefore efficient, across all U.S. states.

The UCC is organized into eleven articles with self-explanatory titles:

Article 1: General Provisions

Article 2: Sales

Article 2A: Leases

Article 3: Negotiable Instruments

Article 4: Bank Deposits and Collections

Article 4A: Funds Transfers

Article 5: Letters of Credit

Article 6: Bulk Transfers/Bulk Sales

Article 7: Documents of Title

Article 8: Investment Securities

Article 9: Secured Transactions

UCC Versions and Amendments

The original UCC was published in 1952, and has undergone many revisions to include many new amendments. However, not all states have adopted all of the revisions, so it is best to check to be sure your state has adopted the latest revision to one or another UCC Section.

It is vital to note that the UCC has no legal force, it is only a model or recommendation for what a state’s commercial code might include. That being said, every U.S. state has adopted some version of the UCC, and those state versions do have legal force.

The Official Comments

The individual sections of the UCC can be difficult to understand. The UCC includes special clarifications called the Official Comments to make sense of the section rules. They are written for each section, in layman’s terms, and sometimes provide explanatory examples. Because state commercial codes are derived from the UCC, the Official Comments of the UCC can still be a good resource to help you understand the section in question, regardless of what state you are dealing with.

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