Types of Defective Product Lawsuits

At Hathaway & Kunz, we believe in protecting the rights of consumers and individuals from the oversights and errors of businesses and defective products. Our Cheyenne, WY personal injury lawyers have helped people who have been injured or suffered other damages because of a product they used. Though the range of defective products is broad, compensation claims typically fall into three categories of product liability: (1) defective manufacture; (2) defective design; or (3) failure to provide adequate warning or instructions.

Defective Manufacturing

A defectively manufactured, injury-causing product is perhaps the most recognizable type of product liability. A defectively manufactured product is flawed because of some error in fabricating it. Because of the flaw, the injury-causing product is somehow different from all the other ones on the product line. For example, a car with a missing brake pad.

Defective Designing

Defectively designed is a product liability category in which a product is inherently dangerous or defective. These types of claims usually involve an entire line of products. Defective design claims do not arise from an error in fabrication, but rather a product design that is inherently dangerous regardless of manufacturer’s specifications. For example, a type of sunglasses that fails to protect the eyes from UV rays.

Inadequate Warnings or Instructions

The final type of product liability claims typically involve a product that is dangerous in some way that is not obvious to the average user, but does not come with proper warnings or instructions for safe use. For example, a paint removing chemical that does not come with safe handling and use instructions or warnings regarding corrosion.

Defective product claims can be complicated and require a variety of scientific and industry knowledge. The expertise of a trained injury lawyer in WY, from Hathaway & Kunz can be invaluable to your claim. Click here or call today at (307) 634-7723.