Franchising is a business growth strategy that involves the licensing of a successful brand and method of operation to third parties (franchisees). This can allow a brand to grow without using as much of its own capital. Franchise law touches many other areas—from trademarks and contracts to state and federal regulatory requirements specific to franchise offerings. Whether you are considering growing your business through franchising or becoming a franchisee of an existing business system, the attorneys at Hathaway & Kunz are ready to provide expert counsel for the variety of issues for franchised businesses to consider.

Our attorneys can provide assistance in the following areas—and much more:

  • Franchise and Licensing Agreements
  • Trademark selection, registration and protection
  • Preparation of Franchise Disclosure Documents
  • Registration of franchise offerings
  • Area Development Agreements
  • Franchise Broker Agreements
  • Vendor and supplier agreements
  • Restaurant-specific legal issues
  • Corporate structure and governance
  • Dispute resolution

If you have any questions about this thorny area of law, contact our office or one of our attorneys and we will strive to provide the answers you need.