Jerry James presents at Rocky Mountain Elder Law Retreat

At this year’s Rocky Mountain Elder Law Retreat—held in Vail, CO—Hathaway & Kunz associate Jerry James took part in a panel presentation on “Barriers to Competent Representation of Diverse and Underserved Populations and Strategies to Mitigate Bias.”

During the three-person panel discussion, Jerry and his fellow panelists shared insight on:

  • Competently representing clients in accordance with the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct
  • What strategies they employ daily to effectively and competently represent clients, while considering their cultural and linguistic background, geographic location, and legal competence
  • Strategies attorneys should utilize to mitigate their bias when representing clients from differing backgrounds/cultures and efficiently communicating and working with clients who reside in geographically remote locations

Thank you to the Colorado Bar Association Elder Law Section for providing Jerry the opportunity to lend his voice to the conversation!