How Hathaway & Kunz works with DAO’s in Wyoming

Though DAO’s have become top-of-mind in Wyoming fairly recently, DAO’s (decentralized autonomous organizations) have been around for a number of years. 

Primarily, DAO’s exist because of blockchain-enabling technology, but no one in the world has figured out how to create a legal entity around the DAO’s—until Wyoming did. 

What we did in Wyoming was figure out how to make it a subtype of LLC, where it’s a member-managed LLC and DAO’s can now legally form and be recognized in Wyoming.”

Matt Kaufman, partner at Hathaway & Kunz

Nationwide, and particularly in Wyoming, there’s a lot of excitement in the blockchain and digital asset space about DAO’s—but there are still a lot of questions, too.

Everyone around the country is trying to figure this out, so it’s fun to be on the front lines of it and be a part of setting the standard.”

Tyler Garrett, partner at Hathaway & Kunz

As Wyoming’s only full-service intellectual property firm, we’re proud to be leading the way in some of our industry’s fastest-growing practice areas, including DAO’s. 

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