Wyoming Personal Injury Guide

Have you been the victim of personal injury? Maybe you’ve been in a car accident or you’ve been hurt by someone’s negligence. There are so many different ways that a negligent party could injure you. If you are injured in Wyoming, then you should know that you’ve been the victim of a personal injury and you have the right to sue the person who hurt your for damages, medical bills and even pain and suffering. But how do you go about doing that?

  1. Start the Lawsuit. The first step in any civil case (one where a person is suing another person for damages rather than the state filing a case against someone) is to start the lawsuit. This requires you to file paperwork with the courts and pay the filing fee for them to start the process. This is also when you will want to hire your Wyoming personal injury attorney.
  2. File Summons and Complaint. These are the papers you’re going to file with the court. Your summons is the document that calls the other person to court. You are summoning them to appear. The complaint is a document that details what you are accusing them of. This is where you discuss the fact that you have been injured by their negligence.
  3. Deliver Summons and Complaint. Your Wyoming personal injury attorney will need to deliver a copy of these documents to the other person (called the defendant). They have the right to be notified of the lawsuit against them. Without this notice, they cannot be held responsible for not appearing in court.
  4. Discovery Process. The discovery process is where you, your Wyoming personal injury attorney, the defendant, and their attorney will work to find out what happened. Both sides will get to see your financial documents and your medical records to see how much you have truly suffered. They will also talk to witnesses or doctors who can attest to the extent of your injuries.
  5. Deposition. During the deposition phase, your Wyoming personal injury attorney will present their witnesses and evidence to the court. However, this is not the trial; this is when both sides will start presenting the information that they have to get it approved in order to come to a decision regarding the accident.
  6. Medical Exam. If you are seeking personal injury damages, the defendant’s Wyoming personal injury attorney can request that you submit to a medical exam from a doctor that they approve. This is their way of ensuring the extent of your injuries before they agree to pay you anything.
  7. Settlement Discussion. Your Wyoming personal injury attorney and the attorney for the defendant will discuss the possibility of settling outside of court. This would be an agreement on your part to accept an amount of money in exchange for not going to court at all.
  8. Trial. If you decide not to take a settlement then the case will go to trial. During the trial both sides will present evidence, witnesses, and the judge (or jury) will decide if the defendant is responsible for some or all of your expenses.

If you or a loved one has been injured and are considering a personal injury case, contact one our Wyoming personal injury attorneys for more information.