Why Wyoming is a great state to do business

Wyoming is a great place to do business. Listen in as Hathaway & Kunz partners Gov. Matthew Mead, Lucas Buckley, Tyler Garrett, and Matt Kaufman discuss why right now is an ideal time to relocate your business to Wyoming (or to choose Wyoming as the place to establish your start-up.) 

As Gov. Mead stated in the video, Wyoming is a  “can-do” state that gets things done, with the added bonuses of no income tax, no corporate tax, and a chancery court. 

“The chancery court is such an important tool for the state of Wyoming.”

Established in December 2021, the chancery court of the State of Wyoming represents an incredible step forward for the equality state and the businesses within it.

Though chancery court is new to Wyoming, many of our attorneys here at Hathaway & Kunz have been practicing business law for years—and can bring that considerable expertise to any related case.

“Because of our relationships, because of the reputation that we have, and because of the hard work that we do as a firm, Hathaway & Kunz is sort of a one-stop shop for somebody who wants to do business in Wyoming.”

If you want to do business in Wyoming, our firm can provide the “welcome mat” and the “here’s how you do it” in all aspects of Wyoming. 

Looking to relocate your business to Wyoming? Hathaway & Kunz can help facilitate and get your company where it needs to go.

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