What is a Gun Trust?

Much like estate planning creates a plan for your assets after you’ve passed, establishing a gun trust allows you to pass on your firearms, suppressors and all other firearms owned by your trust to your chosen beneficiaries. 

When is the best time to set up a gun trust? What are the benefits? Lucas Buckley, Nate Nicholas and Brent Rhodes have the answers, plus share:

  • The difference between a gun trust and an estate trust, and why to keep them separate
  • The benefits of having a gun trust
  • What a gun trust allows your chosen beneficiaries to do with your firearms
  • Special considerations to be mindful of with Type II firearms
  • Who can act as a trustee of your gun trust, and how to choose 
  • The best time to set up a gun trust 
  • Recommendations for how to set up your gun trust

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What’s next? 

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