Sean Larson and Lee Dickinson assist author Nir Bashan

Recently, Sean and Lee assisted Nir Bashan, esteemed author of The Creator Mindset – 92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability, with corporate governance, drafting and reviewing contracts, and obtaining its federal trademark registration. Nir was even kind  enough to mention our firm’s assistance in his acknowledgement in his book! 

Since 2008,  Nir—a Clio Award-winning and Emmy-nominated entrepreneur—has taught seminars and interactive programs designed to raise the profile of creativity in day-to-day thinking and problem-solving.

In August 2020, Nir published The Creator Mindset – 92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability. The book highlights the ongoing and urgent need for creativity in our decision-making processes, in the face of an all-too-analytical business world that focuses too myopically on the past instead of recentering on the future. Nir provides an outline and specific process which can help teach anyone to think more creatively. 

During the process of writing his book and organizing his seminars, Nir approached our firm and hired Sean to assist with corporate governance, to draft and review contracts, and to provide assistance with his ongoing business needs. Lee joined the collaborative team and assisted Nir in   registering his The Creator Mindset® trademarks and understanding the trademark process and protection. 

Sean has found Nir’s process exceedingly helpful in solving legal problems. 

“It is all too often that we—as lawyers—are overly focused on form documents and pleadings which revolve around how things have always been done,” Sean said. “It is important to recognize the importance of precedent in the law, but it should not prevent a lawyer from thinking about how something could be done. Nir’s processes, such as the Trinity of Creativity, can be very helpful for a lawyer in stepping back to see the forest from the trees and providing options that another lawyer potentially has not provided to a client before.” 

We are thrilled to continue to assist Nir with his ongoing legal needs and glad he chose the business-friendly State of Wyoming in which to organize his business.