In mediation, our goal is to facilitate positive movement on both sides of the conversation, forging meaningful solutions for our clients without the time and expense of a trial.

Our resident mediation attorney is Wyoming’s only mediator to be honored as a fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators. In 2004, he was Certificated by the Institute for Conflict Management after completing formal training in Santa Monica, CA. Coupled with decades of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation, trials and appeals, he brings a particularly nuanced approach to the art of mediation. This includes:

  • Providing the reactions of a confidential “mini focus group” prior to the meeting, conducted using the mediation statements of the parties
  • Creating and facilitating an environment that encourages discussion and compromise
  • Providing use of our expansive Cheyenne office space for the convenience of multi-party mediations
  • Ability to conduct secure and productive Zoom/digital meetings
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience within the Wyoming legal system