Hathaway and Kunz congratulates Platte County on successful 1% Specific Purpose Excise Tax election

In August 2018, the Hathaway and Kunz team was honored to serve as special counsel for a 1% Specific Purpose Excise Tax election in Platte County, WY. 

As a result of the special election, the county raised $16,627,800 for county and municipal improvement projects in the towns of Chugwater, Glendo, Guernsey, Hartville and Wheatland, including:

  • Phase 1 remodel of the Platte County courthouse
  • Renovating the 4-H building at the Platte County fairgrounds
  • Street reconstruction and repairs in Chugwater
  • Converting Glendo’s Old Town Shop to a community center 
  • Upgrading Guernsey’s water system 
  • Improving Hartville’s water pipeline, cemetery, firehouse and town shop building, and purchasing equipment 
  • Planning, designing and upgrading Wheatland’s electrical system, repairing wastewater ponds, and repairing Black Mountain Water Tower

Congratulations, Platte County! We’re thrilled for your success and look forward to the positive changes to come.

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