Matt Kaufman, Tyler Garrett assist with amendments to Wyoming Invests Now statute

Recently, Matt and Tyler assisted with amendments to the Wyoming Invests Now (WIN) statute, which went into effect July 1, 2021. 

Of note, these amendments raise the amount an issuer can offer through WIN to $3,000,000 without audited financials and $10,000,000 with audited financials. The 2021 amendments also raise the amount an unaccredited investor can invest to $25,000, making investment opportunities more accessible to the majority of Wyoming residents. 

In 2018, Matt and Tyler were instrumental in assisting lawmakers and the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office with the passage of the WIN statute, Wyoming’s intrastate crowdfunding legislation. 

Since then, Matt and Tyler have represented several clients in their successful investment offerings pursuant to the WIN crowdfunding exemption. 

Is your Wyoming company considering raising capital through a private placement? You should consider Wyoming’s intrastate crowdfunding statute. 

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