Intellectual Property and Trademark Law 101

When it comes to protecting your brand identity, original creations, artistic work and design… where’s the best place to start? Is it really as simple as adding in a ™ symbol?

The answers might surprise you.

In today’s episode on intellectual property and trademark law, Lee Dickinson and Matt Kaufman walk you through:

  • Where to start when trademarking your brand
  • The difference between “weak marks” and “strong marks” 
  • Important questions to consider before incorporating an area code (like 307) into your brand
  • What makes for the strongest brand distinctions
  • Benefits and value of federal-level vs. state-level trademark registration 
  • The difference between a ™ and ® symbol, and what using them actually does 
  • Best practices for protecting your website content

For more information on our work with intellectual property law, click here.

What’s next? 

For future episodes, we’ll be inviting more members of the Hathaway & Kunz team to share their unique insights related to Wyoming’s legal landscape and the modern practice of law—and we look forward to sharing them with you.

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