Hathaway & Kunz Secures Significant Appellate Victory in Wyoming Supreme Court

The Hathaway & Kunz appellate team has obtained a significant victory for several clients before the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Partner Tyler Garrett led the team and argued the appeal, with invaluable assistance from Hathaway & Kunz Associates Kari Hartman and Jerry James.

As appellate counsel, Tyler was tasked with being the architect of the appeal, which required analyzing the trial court record and assessing which issues to present to the Wyoming Supreme Court. 

Ultimately, Tyler identified several issues and successfully persuaded the Justices to find in favor of his clients. Per Tyler:

“This appeal was intellectually challenging and required refined arguments that were extracted out of a complicated trial record.

The issues the Wyoming Supreme Court considered and decided in my clients’ favor provide important precedent concerning the fiduciary duties of a manager of a limited liability company, and also the fiduciary duties of a trustee of a trust.

I am very proud of the appellate representation my firm provided and the results we obtained for our clients.”

We congratulate the appellate team on this significant victory! 

For more information, please see Aimone v. Aimone, 2023 WY 43 (Wyo. May 9, 2023)