2023 Wyoming Legislative Session: Hathaway & Kunz Audio Blog #2

Welcome! In our last audio blog, we shared what to expect from this year’s Wyoming Legislative Session, and how you can get involved.

With the Session at its midway point, we’re back to share our insight and observations on the process so far. 

In our second episode, Matt Kaufman and Marianne Shanor discuss:

  • Current status of the 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session and the number of bills circulating (:20 – 2:02)
  • Joint resolutions, and what makes them different (2:18 – 3:08)
  • What it means to have a bill heard by Committee of the Whole (3:25 – 4:28)
  • Which steps of the process tend to be the most dynamic (4:44 – 5:48)
  • Senate File 13, related to changing Wyoming’s liquor licensing and liquor laws (5:53 – 7:45)
  • What happens during “Interim,” when Committees meet on specific topics after the Session ends (7:50 – 8:40)
  • Why now is the ideal time to present topics to the Committees and management council for the 2024 Legislative Session (8:41 – 9:10)
  • House Bill 85, related to a new type of business entity form, and the challenges it’s faced (9:12 – 11:20)

For more information on the 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session, including the schedule and a link to the livestream, visit https://www.wyoleg.gov/ 

We’ll be back after the Session ends to share our final observations. To be the first to know when our next episode is live, follow us on Linkedin