2023 Wyoming Legislative Session: Hathaway & Kunz Audio Blog #1

We’re excited to have you here for the launch of the Hathaway & Kunz audio blog! Thanks for joining us. 

In this unique format, you’ll get to hear from Hathaway & Kunz partners and associates on a wide range of Wyoming topics, particularly those relating to legal issues.

Our first topic: Wyoming’s 2023 general legislative session.

Kicking off the first of 3 audio blogs around this year’s session, Matt Kaufman and Marianne Shanor discuss:

  • What the 2023 general session of the Wyoming legislature will look like (:20 – 1:42)
  • What’s changed as a result of the 2022 elections (1:44 – 3:13)
  • The process bills go through once introduced (3:15 – 6:56)
  • How you can get involved in this year’s session, from tracking bills and speaking on specific legislation, to contacting your legislator (6:56 – 8:53)

For more information on the 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session, including the schedule and a link to the livestream, visit

We’ll be back again midway through the session to share which bills we’re following closely, as well as our insights on those with potential to impact Wyoming’s legal landscape.

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